KNX Dashboard


KNX Dashoard is a small dashboard allowing you to connect to LINKNX and/or KNXWEB2 server to access to all your KNX object from your Windows Phone, and Windows 8 System.


You can create rooms sections, with customized background picture.

You can select multiple object by room and hide the unwilled ones.


The “first” room is a system one, and cannot be dropped. But it can be hidden. It contains all the available object.


The application also expose contextual menus to setup rooms and objects.


You rooms settings can be exported or imported to OneDrive.


Using with LinKNX

Just specify your LinKnx server ( ).

You can also specify the port (Ex: LinKNXServer:1028)

Using with KNXWeb2

You can use KNX Dashboard, connection to a KNXWeb2 sever ( ).

Specify the URL and login/password if required. HTTPS is allowed (your HTTPS certificate must be valid on your device).


Before using KNX Dashboard with KNWWeb2 you must add the file “WaitAnEvent.php” in you KNXWeb2 server folder.


cd /var/www/knxweb2


tar xvf WaitAnEvent.tar

rm WaitAnEvent.tar